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Bridging Biotech


While some industries leap forward, life science lags behind. We’re working to help people live longer, healthier lives by using advancing technology to clarify data for the labs and leaders that drive biotech.

Our multi-disciplinary team works at the intersection of biotechnology and software engineering to create state-of-the-art tools our users love. Through our close partnerships with biotech companies, we’re bringing those tools to the research groups advancing science.


Biotech is estimated to generate the most data of any industry by 2025.

Recent breakthroughs in computer science and machine learning can profoundly impact scientific research by helping organize and structure that data, but most biotech companies aren’t prepared to make effective use of these technologies.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between biological data and cutting-edge technology by building modern data engineering software that’s made for the biotech industry.

We innovate by combining our expertise in enterprise software and life sciences


Previous experience

We have previous experience in:
Single Cell Analysis
Automated analysis of 10x workflows
Machine Learning
Developed ML models for microscopy images
High Throughput Sequencing
Managed over 35 PB of NGS data and 280k analyses per year
Cell Therapy
Cell therapy research and development
Clinical Data Management
EDC Development, supported over 200k patients
Clinical Trial Matching
Developed software for matching patients to clinical trials
Drug Discovery
Small molecule drug discovery
Cryo Electron Microscopy
Single particle reconstruction
PHI Management
Secure data management for patient health information
Developed transcriptomic analysis pipelines
In Vivo Research
Tracking for in vivo experiments
Flow Cytometry
Organized experimental data and gating results

How we work


We embed ourselves in the science and ask how we can help make a difference.


The best things happen when diverse groups work together on a shared goal.


We take pride in what we build and prioritize quality, reliability, and security.


We are care about what we do, but also about our coworkers and customers.


What it’s like at Mantle

“Being part of Mantle means contributing to a revolutionary shift in how the biotech industry handles its greatest challenge: the vast and complex flow of data. Mantle is leading this transformation with innovative computational solutions, helping biotech companies turn overwhelming data into valuable insights faster.”
Patriss, Senior Software Engineer
“I love the challenge of translating scientists' needs into functional, elegant designs. At Mantle, every project is a chance to push the boundaries of what's possible in scientific software.”
Esmeralda Nava, Founding Frontend Engineer


Emily Damato

Emily is an engineer with over ten years of experience at the intersection of computer science and life science.

She developed cloud infrastructure at GRAIL that supported the analysis of over 35 petabytes of genomics data.

She has done biology research at MIT in both the wet lab and dry lab. In industry she worked in drug discovery, cell therapy, diagnostics, molecular dynamics simulations, and patient health records.

Madeline Schade

Madeline is a software engineer with experience at Google and multiple biotech companies.

At GRAIL she developed an EDC that supported one of the largest clinical trials ever performed (over 200k patients), and at Google worked on a system supporting 10 billion queries per day.

She studied computer science and computer engineering at UC Santa Cruz.

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