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End-to-end workflow

Clearer data, automatically

End-to-end workflow

Start a run, grab coffee, get results in your inbox.

Mantle enables workflow automation that delivers consistent data processing, so all your teams can easily compare results between runs, users, and instruments.

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Connect everything
We connect to your laboratory instruments, ELN, and LIMS as well as data from publications, partnerships, and CROs. Mantle streamlines parsing and pre-processing for ready-to-use results.
Customize triggers
Mantle automates analysis workflows with custom triggers flexible enough for complex science. Run a pipeline when data is ready, alert a teammate if QC fails, and more.
Clarity, from lab to leadership
We send you and your team results right to your inbox when a pipeline finishes. Our data lineage allows you to track experiment progress as it happens and review the process anytime after.

Simplify your workflows

Run. Review. Results.
Connect directly to perfusion instruments
Connect directly to lab instruments
Process triggers automatically
Get results in Slack or via email