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We see a better path for data management in biotech because we’ve seen what is possible firsthand.

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“Mantle has been instrumental in building our data infrastructure and increasing throughput. Their attention to detail and scientific understanding scaled us from months of manual data collection, processing, and reporting to a state where analysis pipelines kick off automatically and final reporting is ready in minutes. Experiments are easily searchable and reproducible and the structure we have now allows for further growth and flexibility.
Founder at Stealth Mode Company

Mantle connects with everything

Data integration types
Illumina Sequencing
Oxford Nanopore Sequencing
Microscope Images
Single Cell Sequencing
Animal Videos
Microscope Videos
In Vivo Data
Fluorescence Images
Mass Spectrometry
Flow Cytometry
Protein Structures
PacBio Sequencing
Spatial Transciptomics
Fluorescence-based Assays
Custom CSVs
and more...
Ready to scale

Engineered for growth

Ready to scale
Reproducible analyses

Stay ready for your next experiment or IND filing with reproducible analyses and versioned datasets.

Reproducible analyses
Simplified multiomics

Search, integrate, and aggregate any and every dataset.

Simplified multiomics
Easier scalability

Streamline analyses from the first byte to petabytes.

Easier scalability
Secure datasets

We implement the industry’s best practices to keep your data private and secure.

Secure datasets
Team process
Connecting teams drives discovery

Connecting teams drives discovery

Team process
We organize your data and save you time
Automatically unify and clean high-throughput biological data to set the stage for machine learning and more.
We help teams connect, not compete
When everyone is in the same room there’s no need for “throwing over the wall." We bring everyone and their workflows together with one tool.
We make insights easy to drive decisions
Close the loop between experiment and understanding. We connect the dots to make the next steps clear.

Findable. Accessible. Interoperable. Reusable.

Findable. Accessible. Interoperable. Reusable.
Your foundation for FAIR data
Power matrix organizations and remove silos with centralized data management and findable, accessible data.
Modern research is collaborative. Use our API and data transformation pipelines to connect with anything.
Stop repeating work, and share reusable datasets and analyses across teams and projects.